Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Maybe Today?

I'm REALLY hoping that today is the day, and I have so many cute reasons as to why it should be.  You want to hear them?!  Of course you do!

1. Today is National Brothers and Sisters Day!  I know it's just some silly holiday that someone made up, but it still counts. 
2. Shiloh was born on the first= She is our first daughter.  Today is the second= Second daughter. 
3. Shiloh was born on a Monday.  Will was born on a Tuesday.  Today is Wednesday.
4.  Shiloh was born two days past her due date.  Will was three days past his.  This baby was due on the 28th, so today makes four days past.

So I guess I don't have SO MANY reasons, but I think four is pretty convincing.  However, if she's anything like her big sis (stubborn as all get out), she'll arrive at midnight tonight on the dot. 


Aunt Nina said...

Thinking about you, just so you know. Love you.

Alicia said...

Thank you :). We love you too.