Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Potty Quotes and an Update

After Shiloh's third successful poop of the day, she called to me from her potty, "Mama, I'm done!! There's a big one!!"

Since starting potty training Shiloh will randomly walk up to Richard and/or myself and say, "When I poop I go (insert pushing noise and strained face)"
- I guess we need to work on her fiber intake...

Shiloh is still doing great! I was a little concerned that she might regress some when my mom left, but that has not been the case. She has even taken three naps in her big girl underwear and has remained dry the entire time! We still use a diaper at night, but that's it. I knew she was ready to potty train, but I never thought she would do this well! Richard and I couldn't be prouder!


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