Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Want The Bear

I attended my first consignment sale today with a friend. I've always wanted to go to this specific sale, but I've been too nervous to go by myself because all I've heard is that it's a zoo. Well, the other day a friend mentioned she was going, so I offered to tag along.

Anyway. I had SO much fun! I ended up not buying any clothes (Shiloh doesn't really need any anyway) because I don't do well when there's just racks of random things for me to go through, but we definitely found some other keepers. Shiloh got four Disney movies ($10.50), a Halloween costume ($8.00), a Disney Princess Halloween basket for her candy ($3.00), a Nemo Look and Find book ($2.00), and a Care Bear ($2.50).

I was hoping to find some birthday or Christmas presents today, but it sounds like you have to be in line an hour before things open on the first morning to get the REALLY good stuff. Regardless, it was fun looking through everything and I think I'll definitely be back in 6 months for the next one. I may even try to sell some stuff.

Up until today Shiloh was certain she was going to be Cinderella for Halloween, but once she saw "the bear" costume everything changed.

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