Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Still Waiting...

For anyone who might be wondering, Shiloh's little brother (no, we are still not adopting him) is extremely comfy in Kim's belly. Her due date was January 23rd and she is beyond ready to have him, as any pregnant woman past her due date is. She had a doctor's appointment yesterday and they informed her that if he doesn't come on his own before Friday they will induce her then. I'm really hoping she doesn't have to be induced.

When we saw Kim over Christmas she assured us that we are welcome at the hospital once the baby is born, so I am very much so looking forward to meeting his adoptive family. After discussing what to do with some friends and family, I've decided that while at the hospital Richard and I are going to give his parents our names and email address. That way if they want him to have a relationship with Shiloh it's up to them. I feel like that's the best way to approach the subject without being pushy, or crossing any lines. I really hope they are open to something. Richard and I would be ecstatic for just one visit a year. We will see!

Anyway. Check back later this week for a birth announcement!


Greta said...

Welp. I obviously missed this post and totally thought y'all WERE adopting Shiloh's brother.
How did I miss that?!

Either way, still super exciting. Hope things are moving along quickly!!

Alicia said...

haha... No problem! When we made the decision it was heartbreaking to say the least, so it wasn't news we shared much.