Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Am A Georgia Voter

Today Shiloh and I participated in Georgia's advanced voting. Much to my surprise we were in and out in no more than 15 minutes. I'd been hearing horror stories on the news for the past week about people waiting up to 4 or 5 hours in early voting lines so I was a little nervous. Afterwards, I received my "I'm a Georgia Voter" sticker and Shiloh was given a "Future Voter" sticker...too cute! Then we walked over to Starbucks where I treated myself to a Caramel Apple Spice...my favorite cold weather drink!

It was pretty chilly today (the truck said 49 degrees) so I got Shiloh all bundled up in her winter jacket before we left. I've included a couple of pictures of her for my sister, Adrienne so she can see Shiloh in her jacket....A bought it for her last year.


Greta said...

Good for you! I wish I could go ahead and get it out of the way but as far as I know, AL doesn't do early voting.

And that coat is adorable! I love little ones all bundled up. They just look like they need a big hug (and they can't squirm away as easily!)

bendandnotbreak said...
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KatieLizziSmith said...

49 degrees is winter coat weather?? Oh no Alicia, you're becoming a real Southerner!! ;c) It's 30 degrees here and snowing! :c)

But that coat is ADORABLE!

Alicia said...

Snow...I'm jealous!

Just for the record, I wasn't wearing a coat :)