Thursday, October 9, 2008

12 Months

I haven't really felt inclined to share anything this week, but we did have Shiloh's 12 mth check up yesterday....and that's always news worth sharing!

She's continuing to grow like a weed! Ever since her 1 month check up she has been in the 90% for height. Well, now she is in the 97%! She is 31 inches tall. I know that her growth will of course slow down at some point but I am becoming extremely curious to see how tall Shiloh will or will not be. Like her last visit, Shiloh's weight is in the 50%....20 lbs 9 oz. When we arrived home from the doctors I pulled a Gymboree outfit from her closet curious as to how her height and weight fit into clothing sizes and height wise she is in size 18 mths but her weight has her 4 lbs away from that size. I guess I need to invest in some clothes pins or something until her weight cathes up!

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