Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Playing Catch Up... AGAIN!

Grace turned 5 months old on Saturday.  5 MONTHS OLD!!  The last time I updated my blog, Grace was 3 months old.  Yeah, I'm not very good at this anymore.

So, let's back track a month (or so)...

Grace is 4 months old!!  Let's see...  Month 4...  The one similarity that I've found between you and Shiloh is your nighttime sleeping habit.  (Praise the LORD)  You now sleep 12 hours straight at night.  I can't get you on a regular nap schedule, but I'll let that slide as long as you keep sleeping good at night ;).

 Your greatest accomplishment this month was rolling over from your back to your belly.  You can now roll over both ways!  It was fun watching you conquer this challenge because Shiloh was so proud of you.  For a month now, you've been getting yourself up on your side, but you just couldn't push yourself over.  Every time you did this, Shiloh would sit there and cheer you on with so much genuine excitement.  When you did roll over for the first time, she could not have been more proud of you. 

Another notable difference I see in you, is how you grab things with a purpose.  You now grab your paci in order to pull it out of your month.  You purposefully grab the toys hanging from your play mat and push them around.

Overall, it seems that you spent month 4 showing me that you are definitely not a newborn anymore.  Gone are the days of long naps and just laying around for you.  You are very alert, and determined to not miss a thing.  I must also note your sweet demeanor.  It's amazing to me that you are the same baby we brought home in May.  Our first month together was... hard.  I've wondered lately if maybe we missed out on your first month because, well, God never gives you more than you can handle.  Anyway.  A flip was switched when you hit 3 months, and I believe that you've become a little sweeter every day since.

One last thing before I forget.  You also hit a crazy growth spurt this month.  I was excited for your four month check up because it was obvious you had done some growing, proven by the nickname "chunk" that your daddy has lovingly bestowed upon you.  At your 4 month check up you weighed 16 lbs .5 oz and you were 26 inches long.  You are definitely a "healthy girl", as a random stranger once nicely put it :).

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