Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow!!

For the first time, in the seven years that I've lived in Georgia, it actually feels like it's Christmas!! Why, might you be asking? Because it's SNOWING!!! Every year that I've lived down here come December we're still outside in jeans and long sleeves (with no jacket), but not this year! As I type this, our wind chill outside is 7 degrees. That's pretty unheard of down here, in ANY month. Yesterday we had flurries from 11 am until around 5 pm, and this morning when Shiloh and I woke up it was snowing again.

This video was taken at our friend Brandon's house. He lives in the 4th part of the neighborhood (we're in the 2nd part), so this shows you what it was like in our area yesterday :)

Now I need to go throw some chili in the crock pot and get a fire started! I love this weather :)

ETA- I just watched the video, and unless you enlarge it, you see nothing.

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