Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hurricane Season Is Good... For Us.

For those of you who don't know, Richard is a Claims Adjuster. He basically works for a company that audits insurance claims. Before an insurance company pays on a claim they send it to ASI (the company Richard works for) for Richard, or one of his many coworkers, to audit and ensure that all of the contractors prices are fair. Richard is paid based on these claims (commission). He receives a minimal salary, but the majority of his pay comes from the claims. The larger the claim, the more he makes off of it. Things have been quite slow this year. Winter was slow, as to be expected, but summer has been just about as slow as winter. Because of this we've been anxiously awaiting hurricane season, which brings me to the point of my post...

It's hard having a husband who gains financially from other people's disasters. We could really use a good hurricane right now, too. With Shiloh's birthday, Brayden's birthday, Camryn's birth, a trip to Michigan for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Austin's birthday the day after Christmas, these next few months are going to be quite expensive. I told Richard the other night that if we ever adopt again, I will require that the child be born between the months of March and June. (I was joking, of course. I think) Anyway. It's hard not to feel guilty while hoping that by the end of this week quite a few Long Islanders need a new roof. (Richard is one of only two people who has a license to work on NY claims)

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