Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not Sure How I Feel About This

Tonight Shiloh went to sleep in her new bed. No, let me rephrase that. Tonight Shiloh wiggled out of my arms as soon as she heard the word bed, ran to her new toddler bed, jumped in, and laid right down with her head on her pillow.

As you may have guessed, Shiloh's toddler bed has arrived. We picked it up from the store Friday morning, just in time to leave for Alabama Friday evening. However, I was able to put it together in time for Shiloh's afternoon nap before we left. She spent the first hour of that nap running around her room enjoying her new found freedom, but did eventually settle into bed for a very good nap. Needless to say, I was quite impressed Friday by Shiloh's acceptance of this new transition, but tonight I was shocked.

As we do every night, right before bed we gathered Shiloh's Yo Gabba Gabba dolls and her looka-looka (the word she came up with for blankie) and headed up the stairs to her bedroom for kisses, hugs, and night nights. We had some quiet time and then I picked her up to ask for a kiss and hug before she got into bed. Well, as I stated above, as soon as she heard the word bed she was done with me. As quickly as she was could she wiggled herself out of my arms and jumped into bed. Stunned, Rich and I walked over to her bed, tucked her in and said goodnight. That was it. No running around after we left, no tears (at least not from Shiloh), nothing. She went to sleep like a big girl. My sister said I should be happy because we have hopefully avoided what can be a pretty hard battle, but I could not help but shed some tears as we walked over to the stairs.

Napping Friday afternoon.


Greta said...

Awww, how cute is she?!
I can totally understand the bittersweetness of her going right to bed. But I tend to agree...I'd focus on not having to fight the battle of keeping her in the bed!

themainstick said...

I hope for your sake, she doesn't go through a "no kisses and hugs" phase that Ellie is in right now.
It sucks to say the least!

Alicia said...

Oh Jenny, she already is!! It's a 50/50 chance whether or not we'll get a kiss or hug when we ask. She'll look at us and say "no" and then walk away. So sad!