Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby On The Brain

Have I already written this post?! I think the title should be "Baby On The Brain...Again".

In an effore to make this post not about babies, our realtor is talking with someone who might like to do a lease to purchase agreement on the old house. We were just made aware of this potential situation tonight so it's still too early to see if this will go anywhere.

It would be sooo nice to get the old house off of our backs. We have money saved up for adoption #2 and we are doing our best to not have to dip into those funds while waiting for the Athens house to sell. My hope (and Rich's as well) is that once we are rid of said house I can contact the attorney we used for Shiloh's adoption and get the ball rolling for number 2. We're not expecting #2 to go as fast as the first adoption, although I wouldn't mind if it did, so we want to get an early start. I suppose it would probably work out better if we had a longer wait time anyway since Shiloh is still in need of some potty training and a big girl bed. Both transitions make me extremely nervous, but are things I want to do before we bring a new baby home.

In the meantime, here's to more praying and continued faith that God has a plan for us!

On a brighter note, we had a nice Mother's Day Sunday. It was a fairly quiet, relaxing day that ended with a somewhat planned visit with Kim (Shiloh's birth mom). I say somewhat because it was sort of last minute. I have to pause here and note how pleasantly suprised I was that a visit on Mother's Day didn't bother me one bit. A year ago if someone had told me that I would be celebrating my second Mother's Day with Kim I would have found it laughable. Not to any fault of Kim's, but more so because of my own insecurities regarding my role as Shiloh's mom at that time. But anyway, back to the visit. Once Shiloh warmed up to Kim, which seened to take about half of the visit, (she's still going through a pretty strong shy phase, plus it has been over 6 mths since she last saw Kim) they had a good time kicking the ball and throwing the frisbee around the backyard, coloring together and just enjoying some general playtime with one another.

Running around with the Build-A-Bear Kim made for her
(I received a Mother's Day card myself)

And on one last completely different note....Happy 80th Birthday, GiGi!!

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Greta said...

How exciting! I'm not sure how quickly the adoption went with Shiloh but I hope the second one goes quickly too :). It's always hard to wait on such big events!!