Friday, January 4, 2008


I'm not sure if I'll stick with this but I want to try. I'm home with Shiloh all day so I have time and I know everyone is dying to know more about my life ;) so we'll see how it goes!


1. I am a wife and mother.

2. I am obsessed with Ohio State Football....we've had good times, bad times, much laughter and even some tears.

3. When Shiloh cries my first instinct is to laugh a little....because her face is so cute. Does that make me a bad mom?

4. We are building our family through adoption, which is something I'm still getting used to.

5. I love omelettes but I don't really care for just eggs.

6. I wish I kept in touch better with friends and I don't just mean friends from the past. I wish I picked up the phone more to call present friends.

7. All I've ever wanted was to be a mom.

8. I need to start eating healthier.

9. For the most part I really love my inlaws.

10. I'm still working on my housewife skills. I'm really good at taking care of Shiloh but not so great at keeping the house clean.

11. I am married to a wonderful husband and father. He has many qualities that I wish I had but there are definitely some he can keep for himself.

12. I am very thankful for our current home but I dream of the day we move into a bigger house.

13. I had my first pedicure ever this past September and I LOVED it! I've always had a thing with feet so the thought of making someone else touch mine just didn't seem right but I'll get over it.

14. I know it's not possible for everyone but I truly believe that if more women stayed at home with their children our society would be in a much better place.

15. I'm usually very shy when I first meet people but if you can get past that I'm a pretty decent person to know.

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