Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Anything but the game

Well, I do have one thing to say. I hope we don't go to anymore National Championship games for a few years. Let's keep it respectable and stay with BCS games, but that is all.

We had a great weekend with our Alabama friends! Laura is looking absolutely adorable with her not so little, but not so big belly! Saturday night we all went to Inoko's (japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you) for dinner. I was a little nervous because Shiloh napped right before we left so I knew she would be awake. She tends to sleep through outings because being in the car knocks her out. Long story short, she thoroughly enjoyed herself. She started to get a little cranky when we first sat down (an hour after we arrived) but from the moment the chef did that fire with the onion thing she was hooked! She was mesmorized by all of the twisting and throwing of the utensils, she loved it all! It was so fun to watch her watch everything!

Oh yeah, and I got my second pedicure ever this weekend! Laura and I left the boys at home with Shiloh and got pedicures Saturday afternoon. It was only okay. As Laura said, they were the fastest pedicures ever. Oh well, we stayed in the massaging chairs an extra 5-10 minutes after they were done to make up for it.

resting before the game

One last smile before the game started

My Buckeye Brownies

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