Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Here's What You Missed

Kim is pregnant again. Shiloh is truly going to be a big sister this time. Kim is keeping the baby. I say that because we haven't had the contact I thought we would with Will and his family. Anyway. Kim went trick or treating with us Monday and after we were done Shiloh was sitting on the couch with her. She pointed to Kim's belly and asked her what it was. On a side note, she had already been told of the pregnancy. Moving on... Kim told her her there was a baby in there, and that was all that was said on the subject.

Skip ahead to yesterday morning, Shiloh and I are sitting on the couch talking about how much fun she had Halloween night. Somehow Kim's "belly" came up, and we have a conversation that goes something like this...

Me: Shiloh, do you know that the baby in Kim's belly will be like your brother or sister since you came out of her belly also?
Shiloh: Yeah. I know.
Me: Oh, you do?
Shiloh: Yeah, I know. I've been praying for a baby sister (which she has EVERY night), so she's growing one for me.

After she said that, I was concerned that she thought this baby would be coming to live with her. I asked her about it, and she said that she understood that the baby is going to live with Kim. I think she really gets it. As much as she can anyway.

I'm excited. I really do hope that Shiloh will be able to have as much of a sibling type relationship with this baby as she possibly can. I asked Kim if she had any idea what she's having. When she was about this far along in her pregnancy with Will, she already had a feeling he would be a boy. She said judging by the heartburn, she would have to guess this is another girl. I really hope it is since I know that a sister is what Shiloh really wants.

Speaking of Will, while Kim was over she showed us some recent photos Will's mom had just emailed her. It is CRAZY how much he looks like Shiloh. When he was born there were definitely some similarities. There were some pictures where he 100% had his own look. Then there were others where your guess would have been as good has mine regarding whether or not it was Shiloh or Will. When we saw him around his first birthday I honestly did not see much of a resemblance. Now? OMG. From right below the eyes down, they are identical. You could copy and paste Shiloh's nose/mouth onto one of his pictures and it wouldn't look much different. The only real difference is that Will's lips are a little fuller than hers were. It is crazy. Even their upper, four front teeth are identical. He is adorable. His second birthday is coming up in January so maybe we'll get to see him again.

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Anonymous said...

It's nice to see you writing again. I have missed it. Dad