Friday, June 3, 2011

Nothing Much

I feel the need to write a post, but there's really nothing to share. Nothing of importance anyway.

Sasha (the stray kitty we took in) is doing okay. We took her back to the vet last week for a check up regarding her upper respiratory infection. I was looking forward to her receiving a bill of good health, but instead I received another $100 plus bill almost identical to the one we received on her first visit. After days of no nasty green snot coming from her nose, on the way to the vet she starts sneezing and sure enough when I open her carrier to retrieve here I find a big, nasty, green, snot booger inside. We were given another bottle of antibiotics for her. Then she needed another ear mite treatment because "the eggs had hatched" from the mites we killed off with the first treatment. We also started her vaccinations and purchased a dose of frontline since we had to remove a tick from her earlier in the week. This was all a week ago, so a week of more antibiotics later and she's still sneezing nasty snot boogers. She's killing me with this. I'm pretty certain Richard isn't going to fund many (or any) more expensive vet visits.

Today I made reservations for Richard and I to spend a weekend in Atlanta during my mom's visit later this month. Two years ago we were in desperate need of some time to ourselves, so our friends took Shiloh for the weekend and we headed to Atlanta. It was so great! We stayed at The Ellis Hotel in downtown Atlanta, which is where we'll be staying again. We visited The High Museum of Art and The Georgia Aquarium during the day, and checked out some local bars at night. It was an awesome weekend, and Richard and I are both looking forward to doing it again.

It is HOT. Thankfully, our neighborhood pool opened last Saturday. But even the heat is going to kill that soon. We visited the pool Saturday and the water temp. was quite chilly, Tuesday I was able to get right in with slight hesitation, and Thursday there was no hesitation when getting in. Last year it was July before the water became flat out warm. Unless we get some rain soon, I have a feeling that this year we'll hitting that point within the next couple of weeks.

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