Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A List Of Things

I don't feel much like writing out a bunch of paragraphs right now, so here's a list of our happenings.

  • Shiloh and I had a great visit with my family earlier this month. Shiloh experienced quite a few firsts during this trip; first time on a slip n slide, first ferris wheel ride, paddle boat ride, big boat ride, and she had her first fishing experience (she helped me reel in a little perch from the canal).
  • While we were out of town Richard was working hard on tiling our kitchen, mud room, bathroom, and laundry room. We chose a porcelain slate tile that looks great, if I do say so myself. He finally finished laying all of the tile Sunday and will finish grouting it tomorrow. I'm very excited for this project to be done. Since our return from PA (July 12) the downstairs bathroom has had no door on it and as of Saturday the toilet has been out as well.
  • Tonight Richard and I are going to the Dave Matthews Band concert!! I'm pretty excited! I haven't see DMB since my senior year of high school (that means 10 yrs ago)!! We have lawn seats so I'm hoping the weather stays nice. Yesterday we had some crazy storms go through and they are calling for some PM thunderstorms today.
  • Tomorrow my mom gets into town!!! She'll be visiting until next Saturday, when she'll drive to my sister's house in NC to spend some time with Andrea and her family. I'm super excited for multiple reasons.... which brings me to the next topic!
  • Richard and I leave this Saturday for vacation!! That's right. Just Richard and myself! I'm so excited! Saturday afternoon we're heading to Lake City, FL (a little bit south of the GA/FL line) to spend the night. Then Sunday we'll finish the drive to Port Canaveral where we will board our cruise ship!! It's not a very long cruise, but I think it will be just the break we need. Monday we'll be in Freeport, Tuesday in Nassau, Wednesday is a "fun day at sea", and Thursday morning we'll arrive back at Port Canaveral.
Here are a few pictures of Richard's work. He hadn't grouted it when these pictures were taken. The grout is a dark gray color.


Greta said...

The kitchen looks great!
Way to go Richard :).

And a cruise sounds amazing. Bob and I are looking at going on a week-ish long vacation next year (when this youngest babe is about a year). I can.not.wait.
Although, last time we had a couple nights away we had some good, strong fights, ahem discussions.

I figure, that's one of the things that has to get taken care of while you're alone for a long period of time. It's hard to work things out when you're constantly interrupted. Ya know?

Y'all have a blast!!

Alicia said...


I'm so excited to get away minus Shiloh. This will only be our second time getting away without her, and the first time, while we had a great time, wasn't on great terms. Hopefully we can get through it without any "discussions" ;)