Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm In Love

Shiloh and I were in the Grayson area (the city just north of Loganville) this morning and I needed to do some grocery shopping so we headed to the local Kroger. It was there that I was introduced to the tvkart Some may call it lazy parenting, but I think that it might just be a gift from God. It is AMAZING!! Not only does the tvkart have actual doors that only open from the outside, but it has a TV for your child to watch! There is a screen in the car your child rides in and a screen in front of the shopper. The screen at the front of the cart controls the tv in the car, plays ads, offers "meal deals", and a few other things I can't recall for the shopper. Our cart (I don't know if they all offer the same shows) played "Handy Manny", "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", and "Special Agent Oso".

In all honesty, Shiloh is generally well behaved during grocery trips, but only for so long. I tend to try to rush through and usually end up forgetting something. Today, however, I took my time and did not forget one single thing.

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Rachel Garcia said...

wow.. that is amazing. wish they had those in my grocery store.