Tuesday, November 3, 2009

She Was A Duck....Not Big Bird, Not A Chicken....A Duck!!


Greta said...

I'm guessing you got some wrong assumptions ;).

She is a super cute DUCK! I love the leggings/tights.

KatieLizziSmith said...


We had that problem a couple years ago. Kelsey was a pink poodle, and for some reason a lot of people thought she was a lamb. Even though it had a dog collar that said Fifi. Heh.

Did Shiloh like trick or treating?

Alicia said...

We were bad parents this year and did not take her. A friend had people over for the Georgia vs Florida game and a Halloween party afterward so we did that instead. It was a pretty rainy day/evening, plus we figured this was the last year we'd be able to get away with something like that.