Monday, June 8, 2009

Loving Our New House Even More

We have access to a pool!!!!!!!!

You have to leave the neighborhood to get it....doesn't make much sense to Rich and myself, but I'm not going to complain because we have a pool!!!! We took Shiloh swimming in it for the first time this weekend and had a blast! She adores the water so much which makes me so thankful for this ability we now have!

Before swimming on Saturday I went to Wal-mart and bought Shiloh a pair of floaties to try to give her more freedom while in the pool. They may have worked, but daddy would not let go of her so we could find out. He said for now we would just use them as an extra precaution while she is in the pool, so when we went back Sunday I didn't even bother with trying to put them on her. Anyway. We had a great weekend and Shiloh had a blast swimming and getting out of the pool and jumping in, getting out of the pool and jumping in, getting out of the pool and jumping get the idea.

Sunday evening we invited our kind of neighbors, Brandon and Bobby, over for dinner since Rich was trying out his new smoker. Dirty Uncle Brandon, as he goes by, and his girlfriend spent the weekend in Savannah where they bought Shiloh a little she just needs a little motorcycle to ride while wearing it...hmm.

She's putting a sticker on her head because that's where they go, duh!

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Greta said...

Ok, aren't they at a great age for the pool?! Sam could play there for hours. Granted, I can't really leave him alone - you know, the whole "no healthy fear of the water yet" thing. But still, it's fun to watch them play.

His favorite thing is dumping water on himself. Well, that and being thrown up in the air. Good times.